Royal Marines Pith Helmets

Royal Marines Pith Helmet - WCH-003

Code: WCH-003
General Introduction:
This Royal Marines Pith Helmet is a distinctive British design developed and popularized in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is also called Wolseley pattern helmet as it was named after (but not designed by) Sir Garnet Wolseley.

This helmet is new replica made of pith, cork or composite material, covered with white fabric or khaki twill at the outside. These helmets normally come with front military badge - metal plate, a 'ball top' or a 'spike top', which is used as an ornament to cover the ventilation hole.

Outside cover: High quality khaki twill.
Inside liner: Shade green or cream cotton fabric.
Chinstrap and sweatband: High quality leather.
Helmet fittings: Helmet badge, helmet chin chain, ventilator, side hooks, helmet top ball, helmet top spike, helmet top crosspiece. Fittings are 24k gold or chrome plated.
Color: As pictured. Other colors on request.
Size:  One size fits all. Other sizes on request.
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Product details

Royal Marines Pith Helmet:

This helmet was the official designation for the universal sun helmet worn by the British Army from 1899 to 1948 and described in the 1900 Dress Regulations as "the Wolseley pattern cork helmet". With its swept-back brim it provided greater protection from the sun than the old Foreign Service helmet. The dome is also taller and more conical than the other more rounded variations. Its use was soon widespread among British personnel serving overseas.
The Royal Marines Pith Helmet is suitable for used at ceremonial events, special groups, collectors or display purposes.
  • We use plain standard carton for packaging.

  • Each pith helmet is put in a poly bag and then as many as 16-18 pcs are put in a master 5 ply carton.

  • Full color carton or special packaging is available upon request.

  • We offer design and customization services at reasonable expense.

  • If you want a pith helmet at your own idea, just email us. We will turn your idea into reality.

  • We also offer restoration service for different types of pith helmets and related fittings.

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