French Pith Helmet

French Pith Helmet - FPHL-005

Code: FPHL-005
General Introduction:
The Vietnamese have mastered the art of making pith helmets by using the pith (of an indigenous tree - Sesbania Javanica living in swamp - so called Cay Muong only grown in northern Vietnam) and learnt techniques from the French (during colonial period) for over a century.  
This French pith helmet - a variation of the French navy pith helmet is handmade at all stages: pith slicing, helmet shell forming, installation of liner, cover and fittings.

Thanks to durable, lightweight pith material and wide brims, the hat provides a great protection for the neck, face from the sun and keeps your head cool. 
Outside cover: High quality khaki twill.
Inside liner: Shade green or cream cotton fabric.
Chinstrap and sweatband: High quality leather.
Fittings: Ventilator, eyelet and buckle made of aluminum/brass.
Color: As pictured. Other colors on request.
Size: 54-59 cm. Adjustable. Other sizes on request.
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Product details

French pith helmet

This is the most functional of the helmets, with its wide brim providing more sun protection than the more narrow-brimmed variations. It also sustains well heavy rain. Like other civilian pith helmets it can be soaked in water to keep the wearer's head cool in hot weather.
Other features in common with other patterns are the adjustable chinstrap at the front of the helmet and the inner adjustable size sweatband via the Velcro lock. These pith helmets are perfect items for used at camping, gardening, outdoor activity and on a safari.
  • We use plain standard carton for packaging.
  • Each pith helmet is put in a poly bag and then as many as 20 - 22 pcs are put in a master 5 ply carton.
  • Full color carton or special packaging is available upon request.
  • We offer design and customization services at reasonable expense.
  • If you want a pith helmet at your own idea, just email us. We will turn your idea into reality.
  • We also offer restoration service for different types of pith helmets and related fittings.
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