Ceremonial Helmet Fittings

Pith Helmet Badge - HB-003

Code: HB-003
General Introduction:
This pith helmet badge (helmet plate) is used for decoration of pith helmet and ceremonial helmet. The product is stamped by machine and then finished by hand. Other pith helmet fittings and pith helmet accessories are made upon request.
Material: Brass
Color: 24K gold plated. Other colors available on request.
Size: Standard
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Product details

This brand new pith helmet badge is carefully made. All perfect and shining in detail. This badge is for use on the helmet of the Royal Gard of Oman. We produce a wide range of pith helmet accessories, pith helmet fitting at your request.
  • Each unit is put in a bubble or poly bag and then as many as 10 units are put in a 5 ply carton.

  • Other special packaging is available at your request.

  • We can make any design of pith helmet fittings at your request at reasonable expense and high quality.

  • We also offer restoration service for different types of fittings for ceremonial helmets and pith helmets.

 For details, please click http://www.linkorient.com/customer-services/