Ceremonial Helmet Fittings

Pith Helmet Spike - HSP-006

Code: HSP-006
General Introduction:
This pith helmet spike and cross piece are used for ceremonial helmets. The spike is stamped and finish by hand.

Material: Brass
Color: 24 k Gold plating.  Also available in Nickel and chrome plated.
Length: Standard

Other pith helmet fittings and pith helmet accessories are made upon request.
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Product details

The pith helmet spike and cross piece is used for various type of ceremonial helmets.

We produce a wide range of pith helmet accessories, pith helmet fitting at your request.
  • Each unit is put in a bubble or poly bag and then as many as 10 units are put in a 5 ply carton.

  • Other special packaging is available at your request.

  • We can make any design of pith helmet fittings at your request at reasonable expense and high quality.

  • We also offer restoration service for different types of fittings for ceremonial helmets and pith helmets.

 For details, please click http://www.linkorient.com/customer-services/